Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blog Awards

This is my first Blog Award :) I'm very excited!! Thank you Ayesha Ahmed and Sheetal :)

This award comes with a set of rules, which are:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award
  •  put a link of her/his blog in your blog
  •  put in your blog the logo of the award
  •  give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members
  •  put links to blogs you have selected
  •  inform these people that they received the award
  •  write 7 thing (facts) about yourself
Thank you Ayesha :) Please do visit her blog at
Thank you Sheetal :) Please do visit her blog at
Now, I would like to pass on this award to :

Now, the 7 things about myself:
  • I'm a software engineer by profession
  • I'm quite new to paper crafts.
  • I've been making flowers for many years.
  • I'm also learning to crochet.
  • I'm planning to learn tatting.
  • I'm very interested in doing various crafts :)
  • I love cooking (& eating ;)) also.


Suchi Sm said...

Thanq moxie.... u doin amazing hand works....

Deepti Stephens said...

Wow!! Thanks a lot dear and congratulations.. :)

Berina RGA said...

u r welcome :) and I love your creations and challenges :) U r very creative :)

Berina RGA said...

Thanks Suji.. and u r welcome :)

Ayesha Ahmed said...

nice to know you are interested in crochet and tatting ..
Thanks for mentioning my blog :)

Berina RGA said...

u r welcome :)

Sindhu said...

Thank you so much...

Berina RGA said...

you are welcome :)